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We speak with many catering companies and the one thing that they all mention to us is that they need more catering leads. Being for social events or corporate drop offs, booking more events is extremely important and that’s done through having more inquiries into their service.

Our office has catering leads services where we generate quality exclusive leads online for our clients. Contact us for a Discovery Call to see if we would be a good match.


There are many ways to get more inquiries to your catering business and here we will share our top recommendations.

  1. Social Media Marketing – This is an often neglected part of a company branding outlet. We will be writing a whole article on this subject, but posting at least once daily with videos, funny memes, pictures of setups, etc. there are many options and they are important. On Instagram using hashtags is how you can be discovered and on Facebook going Live often is super important. Make sure to check your DM’s for leads because you just never know when they will start pouring in.
  2. Email Marketing – This is a great way to get your lunch menu out there into the hands of people that are in charge of ordering corporate catering. Send a short email asking if they ever order food for meetings. If the answer is positive get a meny on their hands pronto!
  3. SEO – We HEART SEO,there is nothing more amazing than getting leads organically without having to do a thing. The work done this month will keep paying off month after month. Getting leads without lifting a finger is an amazing form of building a customer list. Make sure you have a form on your website where clients can ask about your catering menu.
  4. Cold Calling – Create a list of prospects and call to find out if they ever order catering. Call wedding planners, event planners, big offices, factories, etc. Business of all types conduct meetings often and will need to order catering for these ocassions. Add these leads to an email database and send them a newsletter with a link to an order form and menu.
  5. Facebook ads – We love Facebook ads. This is the best social media platform to do ads due to their algorithm and amount of data that they have on people. Your clients are there. They are planning events, they are online using social media and reaching them there is super easy and if done right cost effective. Add the Facebook pixel to your website and you will be able toretarget those people that visited your website. Clients will see your ad for days generating catering leads without working too hard.
  6. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is agreat platform where you can create relationships with other business owners and get leads organically and through outreach. Caterers can do outreach or post pictures and brand stories to build excitement about the brand. Work on creating posts that start conversations and market your business there.

How do I find catering clients?

You can use any of the ideas above to generate leads for your business. Be relentless and have a marketing plan in place. You may also consider joining local networking groups for businesses. Talk to people that work in a large company and find out who is the person that orders food. Make sure they have a menu from your company. Also send emails to your current clietns with an offer they cannot resist.

Because there is so little hours on a day for you to be able to market, shop, prep, cook, package and deliver your great food we highly recommend you have a team by your side that takes care of the lead acquisition process. There are many companies out there offering similar services however their specialty may not be your industry or they may not have a proven track record.

Book more catering clients online with SEO, Facebook ads, cold calling and email marketing.
The waiter in the restaurant set up a table for guests. Waiter’s hands are a white tablecloth, napkins, white dishes and a bouquet of flowers on the table in the frame.

Case studies are a great thing to ask for when you are looking for an agency. Also ask about their experience in your field and what they recommend for your particular needs. And finally make sure that you can reach them on the phone and that they can communicate with you or your team in a clear manner.

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How do I get clients for my catering business?

Like we said before, you need to have a marketing plan in place and act on it on a daily basis. Any business not working on their business on a daily basis will not have enough business to sustain them during the slow seasons. Food is delivered, purchased, and craved everyday; be the one that meets that need!

Getting leads is part of having a business that is growing and profitable. Having a marketing team that understands your business and works hard at getting your kitchen cooking often will give you more time to do what you love best: “create memories”.

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What is meant by catering service?

A catering service can be different things; itcan be dropped off, setup, or full service. The events that needs this type of service varies based on the amount of guests, location and needs of the client. Having catering leads from from clients looking for your service and closing them is the best way to get money into the business. Getting leads on a daily basis should be the focus of your marketing team.

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How do I get more catering sales?

If you are doing all the things listed above on a daily basis you should have no problems finding new catering clients. The trick is to do it consistently and send many messages, the menu, and building an email list to follow up at least once every month being with a newsletter of just an offer email. If you rather have a marketing company help you get more catering leads schedule a Discovery call with us.

A big part of the journey to having a successful business is to never ignore the importance of having a good marketing team that understands your industry and has a track record of different client acquisition strategies because there is no one size fits all.

Our company has different options that can be used as stand alone or combined to create the perfect platform where your campaigns will provide the real lead experience.

If you are a caterer and are ready to get started and receive leads on a regular basis then you need to schedule a Discovery Call with us to see if we can work together.

We are not the hard sales type and we understand that budgets can be tight. While our services are not free we do what we can to keep it affordable and reachable for any small business out there.

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Contact our office and schedule a Discovery Call today. During the call we will chat a bit, get to know each other and we will ask you a few questions to understand your goals and business structure. We will share case studies and share the different options we have available to help you meet your sales goals.

We have the infrastructure to rank sites on Google fairly quickly. We have content writers, link building resources and technical audit software to get the job done effeciently.

When it comes to Facebook ads we know how to get leads for less than buying them from places like Thumbtack, WeddingWire or ezcater. The leads that come from our Facebook ads are exclusive and completely viable with the name, email, phone number, amount of guests and type of event.

We have the experience needed to run Facebook ads effectively. When it comes to making cold calls we have the call center needed to make the phone calls, track the results and provide accurate data back to you. Our social media team is ready to create posts daily for multiple clients and the website programmers to get you a gorgeous site if that’s what you need.

In other words, we are YOUR team, ready to give you the results you seek.

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About Gold Plate Marketing

Feels like eons ago when I first got hired as a Marketing Director for a catering company in Miami. This was right before the last recession and the business was losing market share rapidly. The owner had issues paying bills, always running behind and worried about not being able to make payroll.

Being young and with nothing to lose I started looking for solutions to this problem, which to me was pretty obvious, we needed more catering leads. I did the usual networking events and made friends in the process however we barely got any business from them.

I started searching for answers and found a book (imagine that lol) that talked about Internet marketing. Back then “Google” was not the huge part of pop culture that is it now but it was growing rapidly and I delved into learning all I could about this new possibility.

A year later we trippled the amount of weddings and got a nice amount of new corporate things like cocktail parties for film festivals and museum openings; types of events that was unheard of to my employer. Later I moved to Tampa Florida and decided to become a freelancer and help others grow their companies as well.